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The first step we take on any journey with any client is to perform a comprehensive “check-up” on the health of their existing website and marketing strategy. This complimentary service enables us to determine your website’s strengths and weaknesses, so that we can fix/improve them and launch your online business into stratospheric heights of new success.


For small to medium businesses, our Do-It-Yourself SEO tools offer a super easy and wholly affordable way to track your website’s performance and understand where you’re business is doing well and where it isn’t. You can then either fix these problem areas yourself, or make use of Genius Web Solutions’ SEO services!

CONTENT Production

Well written, engaging and keyword-laced blogs, articles, product descriptions and, of course, website content is absolutely crucial for the optimal ranking of your website on search engines like Google. Our writing team has years of experience in spinning fantastic content that will place you as an expert in your industry.


Link-building and internal link optimization is the kind of complex, yet gritty work that’s necessary to encourage your website’s visibility to search engines. It takes a lot of expertise and know-how to get it right, which is where our fantastic team of SEO professionals step in


Attractive, functional, easy to navigate and compelling... these are the four core philosophies Genius Web Solutions incorporates into each and every web design project we do. We build sites that look professional and compel web users to click through to make that purchase and/or make that enquiry.


Facebook is an exceptionally valuable platform for brand exposure and customer/client lead generation. With key marketing metrics available to advertisers, we can use Facebook to appeal directly to your target audience, while also using this social networking site to establish a great rapport with your audience and a healthy, trustworthy brand image.

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What people say

  • Genius Web Solutions put together a SEO plan for us and they have helped our business grow. They are truly the best in the business when it comes to search engine optimization."

    Gary Fisher, San francisco CA
  • I run a small business, so I don’t have a lot of money left over for online marketing, which is why I’ve really taken to Genius Web Solutions’ SEO Tools. For only R300 a month, I have access to some really cool gadgets that help me understand my website better and how it’s performing. It’s really helped me improve my website and it’s a must-have for any small business."

  • Three years ago I started a catering business that did okay through word-of-mouth, but we seemed to achieve this sub-standard plateau of businesses. I then enlisted the help of Genius Web Solutions to build me a social media marketing plan and also to take care of my website’s SEO. Within a few short weeks, our website was looking SO much better and the enquiries from Facebook and the website just started flowing in! I’ve tripled the size of my business and – because my hands are full in our kitchen – leave the marketing up to Genius Web Solutions. Contacting this SEO firm is probably the smartest business decision I’ve made... apart from the decision to start the catering business in the first place.”

  • Genius Web Solutions has helped me immensely in getting my business online. My new website looks great and I’ve started enjoying a lot more attention because of the marketing plan they developed for me. I’m a very happy customer and would recommend them to any business out there!"